Unicorn Hair Extensions Review

November 19, 2017

My first experience with clip-in hair extensions happened when I was 17 and decided I wanted a haircut above my shoulders and bleached underneath because that was apparently trendy.  I immediately regretted that decision after I had gotten the proofs for my graduation photos and realized I didn’t want to remember myself this way in the future.  Being the impulsive person I am, I immediately went to the mall to buy dark brown box dye and some clip-in hair extensions.  Except, I bought some synthetic Jessica Simpson branded extensions that cost a fortune and looked good for maybe a week.  

After that disappointing experience, I purchased several more varieties of human clip in extensions over the next few months, trying to find something that would blend perfectly with my hair color while still giving my hair some much-needed volume.  Although I never found the perfect clip-ins, I still wore them every day for over a year while waiting for my hair to grow out.

I had recently been thinking of getting clip-in hair extensions again after watching too many YouTube hair braiding videos.  My hair currently is a reasonable length, but I’ve always lacked volume with my fine, straight hair.  I recently received these Unicorn Hair Extensions in the mail, and I wanted to do a little review on them after wearing them out for a week.

Color Choices

I’ve seen a ton of companies and influencers promote many different brands of hair extensions, but the trouble I’ve found with looking at them online is the lack of color choices for my current gray hair color.  I didn’t want to spend $300 on hair that I would also have to pay a hairstylist to tone to my color.  The first thing I noticed about Unicorn Hair Extensions were all the fun color choices.  I was so excited to see someone carrying actual gray clip in hair extensions.  They also carry ombre ones too, for those girls who want some fun without the commitment!

I received the Silver Moon 18” 220g set for my hair.  The first thing I noticed opening the package was how beautiful the gray color was.  It was the perfect shade gray without being too dark or too light.  They also included a small hair weft at the bottom of the package so you can check for a color match before opening the whole thing up.  I found the color match was 100% match for my hair, which was surprising since gray can be a tough color to nail.

Quality and Quantity


With each package, you get 8 wefts of hair – 2 x 8”, 2 x 6”, 2 x 4” and 2 x 2”.  When I took the hair out of the package, you can definitely feel the weight of 220g of hair.  With previous clip-ins I’ve had, the hair usually appears thinly on each weft with varying lengths of hair.  But with the Unicorn Hair Extensions, you see and feel how dense the hair is sewn onto each weft.  On their website, they talk about how their hair extensions are “double-drawn”, which means the majority of hair is the same length top to bottom.  I could also feel the difference in quality to previous “100% Remy” hair extensions I had purchased before.  After I had clipped them into my hair, I could not tell a texture difference between my own hair and the Unicorn Hair Extensions.  I had friends of mine touch it as well, and they also could not tell the difference!


A nice addition to these clip-ins was the silicone-gripped clips used.  Because my hair texture is smooth, it can be difficult to create a good grip without having to backcomb my natural hair.  I found the clips a bit tricky to use at first and had to email Unicorn Hair Extensions about it.  Their customer service was excellent and helped me figure them out within an hour.  After I figured out how to use them, I found them to be much better at gripping my hair than the previous clips I had used.


I have worn the Unicorn Hair Extensions every day for a week now and they still look and feel great!  The tricky thing about wearing hair extensions in the winter is getting them matted or knotted at the base where the hair rubs against scarves/jackets/sweaters.  With these extensions, I found that problem to be minimal and easy to untangle without ruining the extensions.

Unicorn Hair Extensions is also a Canadian company based out of Toronto, so packages get shipped super quickly and without worrying about currency conversions or surprise duty charges!  I find the price point ($200+) and quality, these are reasonable and on-par with most clip-in hair extension brands.  I would definitely suggest checking them out if you’re in the market for clip-in hair extensions.


  • Color Choices
  • Quality of Hair
  • Thickness
  • Canadian-based Company
  • Great customer service


  • Tricky clips

I personally like to style my hair extensions with a slight curl to have it more seamlessly blend in.  It can be hard for me to completely hide the clips in my hair when it’s straight.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review and definitely check out Unicorn Hair Extensions if you’re looking for a little extra oomph to your hair.  Let me know if you’d like to see some hair tutorials with the extensions in!

Wearing: Banana Republic Shirt Dress | Dolce Vita Booties

The extensions were gifted to me by Unicorn Hair Extensions. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  • Elizabeth

    These hair extensions look gorgeous, and I absolutely couldn’t tell that they were extensions at all! 🙂 <3 Love your unicorn hair so much, beautiful!

    XO, Elizabeth

    November 19, 2017 at 9:25 pm Reply
  • Sara

    OMG I never would have guessed that you wear extensions on these pics! They look awesome!!!

    <3 Sara from The Cosmopolitas

    November 21, 2017 at 4:36 am Reply
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