L.A. Lookbook and Photo Diary

November 8, 2017

First off, just want to apologize for the delay between blogs.  I had a very unmotivated week spent sleeping in and not getting any work done. But now I’m back and feeling a bit more refreshed.  I’ll be keeping a minimum of one post per week for the blog, so keep a lookout for new posts!

I wanted to do a little travel diary/lookbook for all the outfits I wore in L.A. (mostly because I won’t be able to wear them for another 6 or 7 months) since I had a bunch of photos I didn’t end up posting to my Instagram.  Just a quick note, I found that a lot of the items I had purchased for this vacation came from the Aritzia Warehouse Sale, so a lot of them aren’t available for purchase anymore.  I don’t like to spend a lot on summer clothing since I only get to wear it for a short period of time in Vancouver.  Most of the items I wore were under $40. I only attached links for the items that are still available to be bought.

Day 1

The first day was spent mostly getting used to where everything was from our Airbnb, which was conveniently close to Venice Beach.  We had both stayed in downtown L.A. before on previous vacations and we wanted to go somewhere new and more relaxing.  So Venice Beach seemed like the perfect choice for a more ‘eclectic’ stay.

My first outfit was just what I wore on the plane and was comfortable enough to stay in to walk around.  I got the crop top from Urban Planet for only $10 and the shorts from the Aritzia Warehouse Sale for $10 as well (such a steal from the original price of $75).  This was also the outfit worn from the notorious biking incident (you can read about it on my Instagram here).  Looking back, I probably should have worn proper shoes riding a bike from Venice to Santa Monica.  At least the bike was super cute and made for a nice photo prop!  Gotta look on the brighter side of things sometimes.

Day 1 Outfit

Urban Planet Crop Top |Paradise Mine High Waisted Short Rayban Erika Sunglasses | Dynamite Brown Tassel Choker


Day 2

The second day was spent relaxing at Venice Beach and mostly just exploring the Venice area.  After visiting Santa Monica Beach, I actually preferred lounging around at Venice Beach.  It felt like there was a lot more beach to hang out in, which also made it feel less crowded compared to Santa Monica Beach.  

We took a bit of time to walk around the Venice Canals, which I didn’t realize were based on the canals of Italy.  It was a nice little break from all the hustle and bustle of Venice.  It was such a charming little area with rows and rows of houses that faced the water.  I was surprised at the sheer size of the canals and all the paddle boats that lined in the docks of people’s houses.  I wish there were boat rentals there to be able to go and explore around the canals.

My day 2 outfit consisted of this cute and breezy white romper (also scored at the Aritzia Warehouse sale) which was perfect for the humid and sticky weather.  Also paired with my favorite hat (since I was only able to fit on in my overpacked suitcase).

Day 2 Outfit

Wilfred Rive Romper | Rayban Erika Sunglasses | Roxy Love in LA Hat



Day 3

On Day 3 we went to explore Abbott Kinney and try a couple of the popular coffee shops in the area.  The first place we tried was Intelligentsia Coffee, where I had the Iced Oatmilk Matcha, which was completely worth the $7 they charged.  Later that day, we also tried Blue Bottle Coffee and had their New Orleans Cold Brew.  I’m not really a coffee person, but I could easily drink that every day.  My only regret of the trip was not spending more time trying and taking photos of all the cafe’s in the area.

I also realized at this point of the trip that I had barely taken any proper OOTDs.  So we went back to Venice Beach in the day to take some in the hour of sunlight we had left.  The one thing I absolutely loved about Venice is how every spot is perfect for OOTDs.  It’s so easy to find interesting locations to shoot in!  I’m so envious of any of you who live nearby the area.

The crop top was clearance from Urban Planet (literally $3!) and the skirt was also from Urban Planet for $15, which you can still buy in stores!

Day 3 Outfit

Dynamite Tassle Choker | Urban Planet Crop Top | Urban Planet Slit Pencil Skirt 


Day 4

The fourth day of the trip consisted of renting a convertible and driving down the Pacific Coast Highway down to Malibu and check out the beaches there.  I absolutely loved driving down the PCH, it was completely picturesque and what I imagined it to be like.

We stopped along the way at the Malibu Beach Farmers Market, which was exactly as charming as you would expect.  It was a boardwalk along the water lined with picture-perfect signs and restaurants.  We didn’t spend too much time there since it was a Sunday and super busy, but it would be a nice place to stop in Malibu to grab a bite with a view.

Thanks to a little Instagram sleuthing, I found out about the incredible El Matador Beach.  It seriously looks like something straight out of a postcard.  It’s best to come here early, or on a weekday since there’s very little parking in the upper area.  It’s a bit of a walk down there, so it’s best to wear proper footwear on the way down.  I only ended up getting one photo of my outfit there, which promptly got soaked after that photo.  I was in my bathing suit most of the day, and you can see that post here.  This is such a unique location for photos, and I definitely suggest visiting there if you’re in the area.

Since we had the rental car until 11 pm, we decided to take it for a spin around Beverly Hills/Rodeo Drive at night.  It was a fun experience getting to explore the area without all the crowds.


Day 5

Our last day was spent taking an Uber to downtown L.A. just so I could get some outfit photos at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  I didn’t realize how far of a drive it was from Venice and how it was going to cost us $80 round-trip for a ride there and back.  So lesson learned!

We also didn’t account for the temperature difference between Venice and DTLA.  It was at least 10 degrees hotter, not to mention the building itself basically reflects the heat back onto you.  We only ended up staying for maybe 20 minutes, because we were really not prepared for the heat.  I wish we had more time to get more photos, but we did great for the amount of time spent.  We ended up staying in DTLA for a total for 2 hours before making our way back to Venice.

My outfit consisted of purchases made at the Aritzia Warehouse Sale.  I layered the Wilfred Vivienne dress with the Babaton vest.  I was wearing the same hat as a necessity at this point because my scalp was disgusting and burnt to a crisp at this point (TMI).

Day 5 Outfit

Babaton Percival Vest | Wilfred Vivienne Dress | Roxy Love in LA Hat

Anyhow, that was just a short recap of my vacation and I hope you enjoyed the little write-ups and photos with this post!  As always, thanks for sticking around to read this and let me know what you think down below!

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  • Elizabeth

    So glad you got to visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall! <3 🙂 And Venice Beach is always a classic!

    XO, Elizabeth

    November 8, 2017 at 10:33 pm Reply
  • Timo from The Cosmopolitas Blog

    Love the way you combine your photos and all your looks. Venice Beach is one of the most beautiful places Ive ever visited. 🙂

    Timo from The Cosmopolitas Blog

    November 12, 2017 at 9:05 am Reply
  • Katie

    I love your style!

    November 12, 2017 at 2:23 pm Reply
  • Rubi

    So gorgeous babe, so envious of your travels!!
    x Rubi
    Pose & Repeat

    November 12, 2017 at 3:53 pm Reply
  • Sierra

    Cute! I love the monochrome & neutral vibes! Also, it makes me miss california <3 <3

    November 13, 2017 at 6:32 am Reply
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